W2-Professor Systems Biotechnology – Prof. Dr. S. Aljoscha Wahl

Prof. Dr. S. Ajoscha Wahl
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Aljoscha WahlNewMedia Centre/TU Delft

In January 2022, Prof. S. Aljoscha Wahl has joined our institute to support Bioprocess Engineering with his work in the field of Systems Biotechnology.

His research work focuses on sustainability of production processes. Biotechnology enables the conversion of sugars and other renewable resources into relevant products, such as food, fuels, fine chemicals and pharmaceutical substances using microbial cells ‘factories’. The working group analyses cells used in industrial biotechnology, especially the intracellular metabolism, network interactions and connection with the extracellular environment. The industrial scale is a challenging environment for the metabolism of cells; Due to mixing limitations, inhomogeneities arise that lead to rapidly changing micro-environments for the single cells.

His research group is working on experimental and modelling approaches to understand and engineer the complex metabolic networks. The studied organisms include yeasts, bacteria, as well as mammalian cells.

Before joining FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, S. Aljoscha Wahl worked at TU Delft (Netherlands), the Max-Planck Institute in Magdeburg (Germany), and FZ Jülich (Germany). He is very much looking forward to meeting all new colleagues and students of FAU.