New Research Training Group SyMoCADS

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The German Research Foundation (DFG) announced today that a new Research Training Group will be funded at FAU. The research training group entitled “Synthetic Molecular Communications Across Different Scales: From Theory to Experiments”, SyMoCADS for short, will be led by Prof. Robert Schober (Institute for Digital Communication) as spokesperson and Prof. Kathrin Castiglione from BVT as co-spokesperson. This structured training program addresses the highly interdisciplinary field of Molecular Communication. Molecules are used as information carriers to communicate with objects, cells or organisms in environments that are not suitable for traditional communication systems based on electromagnetic waves. Three different work clusters involving scientists from the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry and Pharmacy and Biochemistry as well as the University Hospital are investigating the sensing and control of bioprocesses on a microliter scale, the control of magnetic nanoparticles in blood vessels and molecular communication via volatile odorous objects.