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Research and teaching at our institute focus on one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century: The transition from an industry based on fossil resources to a sustainable, bio-based economy. Here, the so-called Industrial Biotechnology, which is also referred to as White Biotechnology in the German language area, holds a key position. Microorganisms or enzymes are used as biocatalysts for the production of (fine-)chemicals, agricultural and pharmaceutical precursors, food and animal feed, energy sources and innovative materials. This research focus is represented by the working groups of Biocatalysis, Nanobiotechnology, and Systems Biotechnology. Our research portfolio is complemented by the group of Bioactives.


Since group photos in ZOOM tile room format are expedient but not very pretty, we took advantage of the sunny beginning of autumn to take a recent group photo of the members of the Institute of Bioprocess Engineering.

The Institute of Bioprocess Engineering congratulates Dr.-Ing. Florian Golombek on successfully obtaining his doctorate!

Biotechnology can draw on a wide range of highly attractive plant compounds to create benefits in many aspects of our daily lives. In collaboration with ...

Circular Economy is one of the central concepts of sustainable development in our industry and society. This was made very clear at the current „Zukunftsplausch” (Future Talk) at the “Deutsches Museum” Nuremberg. Prof. Kathrin Castiglione from the Institute of Bioprocess Engineering at FAU was completely in her element. She presented how....