Future Chat about Sustainability

Four persons (fltr. Stefan Rieger, Prof. Halik, Prof. Büttner, Prof. Castiglione) sitting on recycled armchairs in a semicircle
The chat about sustainability was relaxed but informative. From left to right: Stefan Rieger, Prof. Halik, Prof. Büttner, Prof. Castiglione

Circular Economy is one of the central concepts of sustainable development in our industry and society. This was made very clear at the current „Zukunftsplausch” (Future Talk) at the “Deutsches Museum” Nuremberg. Prof. Kathrin Castiglione from the Institute of Bioprocess Engineering at FAU was completely in her element. She presented how the enzyme-catalyzed bio-recycling of PET plastic works and explained why moss can play a central role in the recycling of electronic waste. With these innovative approaches helping to develop industry in the direction of Green Industry, she certainly is one of the important protagonists of biobased engineering research at FAU. Together with Prof. Andrea Büttner (Chair of Aroma and Smell Research) and Prof. Marcus Halik (Organic Materials & Devices), both also from FAU, she took part in the discussion moderated by Stefan Rieger (Center for Applied Philosophy of Science and Key Qualifications at FAU) after a short keynote lecture.


Autor: Andreas Perlick

Image author: Marion Grether