Keynote lecture of Prof. Castiglione at the FAU Dies Academicus

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Photo: FAU/Kurt Fuchs

This year, Prof. Dr. Castiglione presented her research in one of the two keynote lectures at the FAU Dies Academicus. Her topic was “Modern Bioprocess Engineering: Molecular Tools for Innovative Processes”. The lecture can be found on the page On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the FAU WiSo faculty even Prime Minister Markus Söder took part in the festival program. In the photo with Prof. Castiglione you can see next to him and the president of the FAU, Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger on the left the second keynote speaker, the entrepreneur Hans Rudolf Wöhrl and on the right Prof. Dieter Kempf, the president of the Federation of German Industries e.V., who was responsible for the musical enrichment at the Dies.