Prof. Castiglione elected to the advisory board for biochemical engineering at DECHEMA

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In the course of the Himmelfahrtstagung in May 2019 dedicated to the topic “Intensification and digitalization for integral bioprocessing”, the election of new advisory members of the working group “Biochemical Engineering” of DECHEMA took place. Prof. Castiglione was elected to the board, which is made up of members from academia and industry. Prof. Castiglione is very pleased about the opportunity to actively contribute to the activities of the working group in the coming years!

In the photo you can see Prof. Castiglione in front of the congress building with two other members of the advisory board: Prof. Dirk Weuster-Botz (left) and Prof. Ralf Takors (right). The photo was taken by the Springer Verlag: see Twitter